ATENS (Association of Teachers of English of Nova Scotia) is a member association of the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union.

Our association focuses on providing professional development to any teachers of English throughout Nova Scotia. Our goals are to create passionate learners in the 21st-century classroom. Members of the association work with educators around Nova Scotia to find concepts and methodologies that are innovative and engaging to our students.

As per the NSTU, our association strives to:

  • to improve professional practice by increasing members’ knowledge and understanding;
  • to disseminate ideas, trends and new developments;
  • to advocate interests of Professional Associations, consistent with NSTU policy and practice;
  • to furnish recommendations and advise the Provincial Executive and NSTU committees on matters special to the Professional Association.*

*Information originates from:http://nstu.ca/nstu-members/professional-development/professional-associations/. Please see the NSTU site for more information regarding professional associations.